ViFoStock is an electronic web platform that links Rwandan Audiovisual content creators with the market(clients) and enables them to earn profits from their contents( creative works).

We support contents of all kinds namely photographs, videos, music audio files, graphics, and any other sort of audiovisual content. In addition, all this content is uploaded and posted on our platform.  

We give value to Rwandan Audio-visual content creators through buying and selling their contents on this platform as well as linking young talented Photographers, Videographer, Animators and video editors with clients.


Become Rwanda's largest one stop centre for audio-visual online marketplace, providing the extraordinary stock of exclusive and high quality audio-visual  content purposely for international and local clients on our platform.


To become the data bank of Rwanda audiovisual content

ViFoStock is owned by ViFo Ltd a private Rwandan-based audiovisual production company established in 2017 with an aim of becoming the leading audio-visual production company in Rwanda and in the region. Throughout the years we’ve been innovative and creative in terms of producing high quality videos and photography services in Rwanda.